CV preparation

CV preparation

Your CV is a key tool when it comes to your professional advancement, so it's worth taking the time to get it right. Treat your CV as a ‘living’ document, update it as soon as you engage in new activities. By doing this, you save time in recalling experiences and achievements when you have an opportunity to present yourself and need to respond quickly. Below are a number of quick tips for you to think about when creating, tweaking and utilizing your CV.

It's also a good idea to email your CV to your email account so that you can access it from wherever you are

  • Be truthful and honest. If you lie you will be very quickly found out
  • List all things with the most recent qualification/job/experience first and work your way back in time
  • Research the company you are applying for, tailoring your CV to this company. Match your skills and experiences with their brand values
  • Read the job description. Make sure you know what you are applying for and refer back to the job description in your CV / Cover Letter / Interview.
  • Use similar adjectives to the job description. DO NOT just copy them from the job description as this is too obvious
  • If the opportunity easily presents itself, it may help to pepper your CV with some technical terminology – but not too much – so that the employer knows that you understand the industry
  • If you aren’t applying for a specific role, review similar job descriptions online and tailor your CV to these. This is always a good way to see what further skills/experience you may need
  • Use an email account that has a more professional tone to it – opposed to

REMEMBER: the goal of the CV isn’t to get you a job; it’s to get you an interview.

Make it concise, interesting and enticing. Make the employer want to find out more about you.