Accepting a job offer

Accepting a job offer

Congratulations, you've been offered the job! However, there are still things to consider. Are you happy with the offer? Does it align to what you were expecting? Make sure you confirm all the details in advance and start this next stage of your career on a really positive note.

Deciding to Accept or Decline

You still have to decide if you want to take the job or not. While accepting an offer is an exciting feeling, declining an offer can be a bit less fun. Declining an offer is excellent opportunity to build your personal brand and maintain relationships with the people in the organisation. If you need time to think then ask for it. Don’t make a rash decision, give the hiring manager a time frame and stick to it. 
Speak with your consultant, your peers, people at home and circle back in person; no matter what the decision is. Once you make the final decision let your recruiter know as soon as possible.

Realistic negations are often part of the process 
Voice your questions to your consultant; we will manage this with you. Often we already know if there is any room for movement on salary, vacation days etc. But be realistic; refer back to your target job requirements and why you wanted a new job at the outset.

Get everything in writing
Make sure you read your offer details thoroughly and confirm everything via email.

Be excited 
This is the next chapter in your career and what you have been working toward. Convey this to the hiring manager to further underline that they have made the right decision.

How to decline 
There is the option to decline the job. The company may not be the right fit for you or the offer has been beaten by another employer you feel is a better fit for you. Either way, always maintain the relationship. Ensure you speak to your consultant, be honest and explain why you are declining the offer. You may decide to decline an offer because the organisation said the offer is non-negotiable. If this is the case, discuss with your recruiter and ask them advice. Be clear on your reasons why you would decline the job. In many cases, if you do not take the job as you didn’t agree on the salary package, there can be two or three people up for the same role. Be confident you are making the right decision.