Temporary services

Temporary services

As Recruitment experts we've got a suitcase full of fresh and qualified talent, ready to start in a temporary or a student job. New energy that can kick start your company during the summer. Talent, that can evolve towards a new colleague.

Does your company needs temporary support in Finance and Accounting, Sales, Administration, Logistics, HR or IT? Do you want to meet candidates who have already been screened, without having to worry about the administrational follow up? Contact the recruitment consultants at Hays Response to discuss your candidate pool. Our mission is clear, the right person, in the right job at the right time.

temp services


Temporary workers now fit the HR strategy and are no longer a cost-cutting measure. Employers consider temporary workers as crucial elements for the success of their business. Temporary recruitment is giving employers the opportunity to attract specific skills for certain projects in order to react to a fluctuating business activity. Moreover, interim work is again of all ages and candidates often have a broad experience and specific skills to contribute to their working place. Offering jobs to students is also a way to easily cover for the summer holiday period.


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Olga Švarcová
Team Leader Temporary Services
T: +420 773 745 084
M: svarcova@hays-response.cz


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